À La Carte Décor

Our services will take your fear out of decorating.

We will show you how you don’t need to pay three times as much to make your home look good.

Our art consultant and decorator will source for you, furniture, lighting, props, art, and storage solutions. We will show you that we understand your style.

It’s comforting to know that  you will go baby steps with our designer, without committing too much time or money upfront.  the process will feel informal, as if a friend with good taste and connections is helping your get your place together.

Over 500 designers and art consultant are affiliated with ArtsOrigin. Some have recently graduated from design school; others have years of experience and are moonlighting or testing the waters to go out on their own.

The process is akin to online dating. Prospective clients log on to the website, enter basic information (location, budget, goals, preferred style) and are matched with designers and art consultants affiliated with ArtsOrigin that are suited to their project. A free consultation follows, either in person at home or via Skype.

If clients don’t think they jibe with the ArtsOrigin designer, they notify ArtsOrigin and — as simply as swiping on Tinder — are re matched with a new designer/art consultant if any problems arise during the design process.

Once a match is made, clients can buy either a single $79 session by phone or on Skype, or (three hours) for $199, or a set number of hours, which are bought in chunks of five, starting with a 10-hour minimum, at an hourly rate of $130.

Free shipping in the US for orders over $75. Dismiss